Mordicus picture, Sherbrooke.  ~1994.

All the Mordicuses are not gathered on this picture but most of my comrades are there. In the background, from right to left, we can see Sébastien Cabot, Michel Sabourin, Stéphane St-Amand, Sophie Lacroix, Patrick Parent, Ghislain Goupil, Stéphane Lemay, Martin Deveault, Isabelle Marceau. In foreground, there are Claire Vaillancourt, myself, François Gagnon and Julie Lévesque. Where are all these people? Are they married? Do they have children? Did they manage to be "successful"? Well, I don't know because I unfortunately didn't keep in touch with all of them. Still, I wish them the best of luck and a life filled with everything they need.

Thanks to Mai that gave me the picture.
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