Diary My actuality

In this section, I write some news about me. Unfortunately, I don't have time to translate them in English... :-(

News of my web site


I finished writing my diary on my trip to Taipei, Taiwan that I made in April, 2005. I was long overdue to publish it! It's in the Trips section (only in French though.)


I just moved my site to DreamHost. So far, the transfer went well enough. Some pages are broken but I intend to fix this as soon as possible. I need some time to ajust the configuration to the new server.

The service at FluidHosting was not that bad but lately, two of my emails to support service were ignored. As I was tempted by DreamHost for a long time because they offer several interesting features and an amazing disk capacity, I didn't need much of an excuse to change host company.

I cross my fingers and hope for the best with DreamHost.


I've added an entry in the Programs section for my small application toMOTko that helps me learn new vocabulary on my Zaurus.


I've written my first mini-HOWTO. It's about running a chrooted Subversion server under a non-root user on Debian/GNU Linux.


I've modified the Books section. It's now easier to add comments (for me!) and the presentation also has been improved. From now on, I will try to always write comments and appreciation level of the books I read.


I've added a new section about Jouyou Kanjis and me in Miscellaneous section. You can now take a look at where I am in my study of Japanese characters.


I've completed most of the recovery of my website. The CGI perl scripts for my disk and book inventories are now working properly. I've restored my latest news and its mailing-list. The joke database has also been restored but I had no recent backup so I've lost many. I've written some crontabs that should ensure a weekly backup from now. For the English version, I've built all the symbolic links pointing on images.


I'm sorry. For the last few days, my web site has been down. It seems that my hosting company is sinking away. After several generic answers to my requests to the technical support, I searched on Internet and found this interesting web site WebHostingTalk. It's a forum about web hosting. If you search messages pertaining to "dot5", you will find very explicit messages... I found out that I'm not alone having problems with this company and that it was time for a change... I switched company last week-end. FluidHosting is now hosting my website. I hope it will be better and for long time. It's already been more than 3 times that I've moved my website.

During this mishap, I've lost some data : the news mailing-list and some jokes. Nothing very important. It will take a few days to fix some parts of my website. Be patient.

I've removed the guestbook. It was more a junkyard than anything else.

I've arrived to Japan. To follow my news, I invite you to take a look into my Trips section.

I've fixed the Perl scripts of my website : books and music section and the guestbook. They weren't working since my move to Dot5Hosting.

ClickNetSolutions close their doors... I'm now hosting my website with Dot5Hosting. I hope for the best. So far, the technical support team seems better. The features offered are great and the security on the server seems tighter. Anyway, the move requires some adjustments so some features of my website are temporarily out of order. I'm working on it. Enjoy!

I've removed the Emmerlaus entry from Java section. Several issues discouraged me, including copyrights, changing priorities, laziness, etc.

I've restored as much as I can the jokes database. Unfortunately, all the previously entered jokes has been lost. It's up to you to send new ones! Till then, I will write a little script to make sure that a backup of the jokes is made frequently.

I've experienced technical problems lately with my hosting. The hard disk, on which all my files was located, decided it was time for a rest. Apparently, it litterally exploded, leaving no backup at all. I had a backup on my computer but as it was not very recent, I lost some data, especially the Jokes section.

I've decided to change host. Click Net Solutions is my new host. It offers servlet/JSP support so this could open doors to new interesting developments.

So if you see dead links or if some files are missing, it's because I've not finished restoring all the website. My apologies.

JavaSolitaire is now hosted on

KanaSensei is now hosted on

Lately, I've developed a small web application. It consists of a database of jokes. It's implemented in PHP, using a MySQL database on Linux. If the traffic is high enough, I intend to add some banners in order to pay my hosting by itself. There remains some features to add but most of the application is complete. You can take a look, clicking Jokes in the menu.

During my trip to Guatemala, I wrote a diary in Spanish as a homework. At last, I've terminated to write it in HTML so you can read it too! I'm sure I have made plenty of errors but I think you can still understand it.

I'm actually in Japan! As promised, I've created the section accordingly. If you can understand French, enjoy!

I've recently bought a computer, at last! I've installed Linux (Mandrake 8.0) and Windows 98. So far, it works pretty well. It's very convenient.

Still 22 days and I will fly, once again, to Japan. This time however, I have a working-holiday visa allowing me to stay 6 months (extensible for 6 additional months). Hopefully, I will live a great adventure. I intend to write on a regular basis the chronicles of my life there. Unfortunately, I guess I will not take the time to translate them in English... Sorry.

Last week, a thief paid a visit to my apartment. He took my CD player, some CDs, my scanner, my suit, most of my soxes and underwears. He also ate my avocado, my bread and some chocolate chips. Fortunately, the assurance company will pay for most of my stolen goods (I hope).

This unfortunate event didn't prevent me from adding a new features to my website : a search engine and a guestbook!

I've included some pictures of the Licef Christmas party in the Miscellaneous section. I've also added some new links in the Links section.

I've terminated the transfer of the Trips section. I've even added new pictures of my trip to Guatemala.

I've finally set up my mind to pay for my web hosting. I've chosen CWIHosting in case someone is interested. They offer a lot of interesting features for a very competitive price (at the time I'm writing these words).

I've already experimented some new features. I have a telnet access so I can run some Perl scripts or Java programs on the server side. I have even tested a Java server using sockets to make persistent connections between the server and several clients. So far, it seems to work fine.

I took the opportunity to change the look of my website while moving it from Tripod to Hopefully, you will appreciate the new design. Your comments are always welcome. However, notice that it's not over yet and I will proceed gradually to improve the look. Be patient.

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