Pokarat : In progress.

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July, 7, 2002

  • I have optimized the display. This seems to have fixed the bug of slow clicks...;
  • I've begun the preloading of all the images.

June, 24, 2002

  • I've fixed the bug of the wrong font on Internet Explorer.

May, 19, 2002

  • The display has been optimized. No more flickering;
  • The cards are more nicer : red is redder and black is blacker.

April, 24, 2002

  • The integration of the new look is now completed.

April, 23, 2002

  • Integeration of the new look (in progress).

April, 8, 2002

  • Royal Flush is now computed correctly;
  • The Commit Bet button is disabled if the bet is 0;
  • I've removed error messages from the console.

March, 3, 2002

  • I've begun coding internationalization;
  • I've added the NoSideBet button;
  • I've added the commitBet and commitSideBet buttons;
  • Double-click on a coin commits automatically the bet and/or side bet;
  • I've added the step ShowResult.

January, 16, 2002

  • I've changed the pictures for the step numbers..

January, 6, 2002

  • I've reorganized packages of source code;
  • I've added completed retroactions when we win.

January, 5, 2002

  • I've removed StepNumberPanel and unified it to StepPanel;
  • I've added a label for copyrights;
  • We can click on coins to place a bet;
  • I've completed the mouse processing;
  • All the subpanels of DetailPanel have been implemented. The look has to be enhanced.

January, 4, 2002

  • Only the highest hand pays;
  • I don't show gray $ unnecessarily if the balance is too low.

January, 2, 2002

  • Processing of ESCAPE;
  • When the balance reaches 0, I ask to play again (complete);
  • I also ask a confirmation before exiting Pokarat.

January, 1, 2002

  • When the balance reaches 0, I ask to play again (not finished yet.);
  • I've removed the class StepLabelPanel;
  • I've added some validation on bets and side bets;
  • The ImageCanvas class implements double buffering for flicker-free painting;
  • The StepPanels are now on the left and don't respond to mouse anymore; Other buttons inside the control panel will react to the mouse.

December, 30, 2001

  • I've aligned the bet and side bet colums to the right;
  • I've added the highlighting of bets and side bets.

December, 29, 2001

  • I've fixed a bug that prevented the complete loading of images from jar files;
  • I've installed WinCVS to manage the source code of my personal library (versioning).

December, 27, 2001

  • I've isolated the UI from the Model.;
  • I've unified the notification model;
  • I've begun to implement the control board subpanels.

December, 26, 2001

  • I've changed the background of the bet board;
  • I've changed the layout;
  • I've inserted some sounds;
  • I've put new images for the cards.

December, 25, 2001

  • I've begun the keyboard processing;
  • I've separated the gui classes from the main package.

December, 17, 2001

  • I've separated Model, Controller and GUI in the code;
  • I've begun the keyboard processing;
To do

  • Bug : We can bet 0!
  • Preload all images at the start of the application;
  • Integrate latest images;
  • Reconnect No side bet button;
  • Show error messages (if needed);
  • Add the option to disable the sound effects;
  • Complete keyboard processing : Yes - No
  • Bug : When the right arrow key is pressed for long time.
  • Internationalization;
  • Enhance the animation when the cards are dealed;
  • Optimization (clipping, notifications, etc.);
  • Get rid of ActionListeners?
  • Clean code;
  • Document code;
  • Test (multi-platform, etc).
  • Add a TUI (Text User Interface) to validate the design;