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# Title Sender Date Language Rating
1Communist Manifesto AndyScusting 2010-05-25English4.2857
2Termite Destruction AndyScusting 2010-05-23English4.2857
3Kitler Loves England AndyScusting 2010-05-21English4.7143x
4Never wear a Blindfold
5Never wear a Blindfold AndyScusting 2010-05-21English4.9450x
6Bottom of The Class AndyScusting 2010-05-20English4.5200
8Poule+éléphant=coq fâché Mu & chèvre 2009-12-11French2.2222x
9lisez cette blague trop m@rrant mada 2009-12-06French1.9091x
10les arabes mada93 2009-12-03French2.0000
12l'esti de chat fbergeron 2009-09-08French2.8000
13le fantome mada 2009-08-30French3.5362
14vaner wisadam 2009-08-24French2.6667
15LES BLONDE MADA 2009-07-18French2.0870
16CAPITAINE CROCHET MADA 2009-07-18French2.4286
17les tables mada 2009-07-17French2.2222
18des jokes de blondes... élii-x0 2009-06-25French2.8182
19Art de bien chasser FBergeron 2009-06-04French2.3158

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