Debian How-To My first Debian/GNU Linux mini-HOWTO
Some information to run Subversion server (svnserve) in a jail under a non-root user. Feedback is welcome.

Known Kanjis Jouyou Kanjis and me...
Where I am in my study of Japanese kanjis.

Books My books inventory
Most of the books I've gathered during the last years. Some entries also come with my comments.

Music My musical inventory
My complete collection of compact discs and cassettes.

Christmas party Licef's Christmas Party (December, 2000) (in French)
When memory fails, pictures can help.

Junko's birthday Junko's birthday (October, 2000)
Some pictures of Junko's birthday party. Junko helped me a lot to find language exchange partners to practice my Japanese. Thanks to Junko, Masumi and Miho!

Flood of Saguenay Flood of Saguenay (June, 1996)
Some pictures of the familial shack just after the flood. Fortunately, my father had sold it a year before the catastrophe. It's now forbidden to build houses so close to the river in this area. The remains of the shack has been removed. The area is empty and is hard to recognize.

Graduation party My graduation party
Some pictures to remember that I've graduated at the University.

Ceremonie de fin d'etudes Mordicus specimens
Some Mordicuses with whom I studied computer science at University of Sherbrooke

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