Diary Taiwan, 2005 (in French)
Some details about my short trip with Yukako to Taipei.
Diary Japan, 2001 (in French)
After getting a working-holiday visa, I went to Japan for one year. There, I've learned a few kanjis, visited several temples, seen beautiful places but the most important of all, I've met my family-in-law. I want to say several big thanks to Otto-san and Okaa-san for their hospitality.

Photos Diary Guatemala, 2000 (in Spanish and French)
In order to improve my Spanish, I went to the old capital of this country, Antigua Guatemala, for one month. I was hosted by a very kind family. I spent most of my time studying Spanish but during weekends, I visited several places of interest.

I want to thank Suzanne Tardif that gave me several pictures.

Photos Mexico, 1999 (in French)
In company of three friends of mine, I went to explore this country and to apply my recent Spanish skills. We made a lot of kilometers in a very short period of time (16 days). We saw several beautiful archeological sites and have experienced all kinds of interesting events.

Photos Diary Japan, 1998 (in French and English)
I was seduced by Egypt for its different culture. To experience another cultural shock, I went to Japan. Fortunately, I had learned some basic Japanese vocabulary before going there. This helped me a lot to make me understood by the Japanese people during this 3-weeks trip. I've made some interesting acquaintances there. It was a unforgettable trip.

Photos Diary New-York, 1997 (in French and English)
Short weekend in the Big Apple in company of my good friends Jeff, Christian and Anne. We walked a lot though the crowded streets bordered by tall buildings. We ate some good food in good restaurants. We also did some shopping and we went out in an alternative club.

Diary California, 1997 (in French)
Looking for a job in Silicon Valley, I spent 2 months in Palo Alto. Even though my lack of experience and contacts prevented me to get an interesting job, I spent some good time there. The weather was always nice. I drove a lot. I also met Guillaume, his wife and their baby. At the end of the sojourn, my friends Francois paid me a visit. We also met Dany and his co-worker, Tran in San Francisco.

Photos Diary Nevada, Arizona, California, 1996 (in French)
I wanted to see the Grand Canyon at least once in my life so I took a plane to go to the other side of the continent for 16 days. As I had rented a car, I improvised an itinerary that lead me to visit these 3 states. Freedom!!! :-)

Photos Diary Egypt, Greece & Italy, 1995 (in French and English)
To celebrate my graduation, before entering the job market, I spent 2 months around the Mediterranean Sea in company of Sylvie. This was my first true travel experience. It was filled with diversity and adventures.

Photos Hull, Ottawa, 1992 (in French)
I spent some time visiting some friends doing their Sherbrooke University training term.

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